Working on the new book, days 8 & 9

While waiting for answers to a couple of questions on the copy-editing assignment I am mostly finished with, I resumed new book stuff.

Day 8, a couple of days ago, it was back to the iPhoto stuff. I wasn’t particularly in the mood, but I don’t want to let things sit any longer than I have to. I figure I will always have the chance to look again as I am putting things in place.

I didn’t get as much done as I wanted to, but at least I did something.

Day 9, today, I went back through the poems I have accumulated so far. I took out a few that I have been having second thoughts about, and added some of the new poems I have written over the last few weeks.

At latest count, I have 156 poems selected for inclusion. This will change as I write new poems, change my mind here and there, and generally shift things around.

One thing I have been thinking more about over the last few days is giving each section of the book a different look and feel. That’s more of a design consideration, but presentation is part of the package.

Otherwise, today is kind of a bust. Thanks to waking up at 2 a.m. this morning, and getting very intermittent (and not at all restful) sleep after that, I have been tired and cranky most of the day.

Still, on we go…

(27 April 2016)