National Poetry Writing Month 2017, Day 7

My Seventh poem for National Poetry Writing Month uses the prompt from—which involves making four short lists, then connecting items from the first two using information from the last two. The list items I chose were the smooth, black stone (touchstone) a friend of mine gave me, under the coffee table (where I sometimes find my remote after misplacing it), the remote control I misplace at least twice a day, and not remembering something about an item I have been given (a business card, in the example on my actual list). 

The stone

I think this smooth, black stone
is about as useful
as the remote I keep losing

(Well, losing is a strong word
it usually falls under the coffee table
or maybe I put it next to my pillow
Some mornings, I find I’ve been sleeping on it)

I know why I have the stone—
that is, I know who gave it to me—
but I never remember that I have it
here in my pocket—right where I put it

(6 April 2017—posted April 7th ET)


  1. So many things we carry with us … and so many thing we lose, and then find.

    • Thanks. I wanted to make it harder to confuse the remote for the stone.

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