Interstitial poem (a poem)

Slim pickings yesterday. Between the heat and general frustration with the course of the day, I wrote much less than usual… Dramatic license gives me a reason to proceed though I never know what’s coming up next I hate living so deep in the unknown but the mystery does keep things from getting dull No [...]

NaPoWriMo 2015, Day 29: Constantinople (a poem)

Today’s Writer’s Digest April PAD Challenge prompt is to write a ‘what nobody knows’ poem. I can definitely say that nobody knows the answer to the question posed in this poem… What makes the name of a place that no longer exists about which I know nothing (except what I find on Wikipedia) suddenly appear in my [...]

Hopscotch (a poem)

When in doubt, an acrostic is worth a shot… How to wrap your mind around the inconceivable: Open your mind as wide as possible Place the inconceivable inside Savor the mystery of its inconceivableness Consider what life would be like without mystery Open your mind just a little bit wider to make sure you get [...]