The adventure continues…

A bit of miscellany for this somewhat stormy Friday the 13th…

First item of business

Congratulations to the three winners of the Goodreads giveaway for Refusal to Remain Invisible: Melissa B from Massachusetts, Steven B from Ohio, and Jamie M from California! Your signed copies are on their way…

Second item of business

You may have noticed that I have posted fewer poems during the last few days. That’s because I have started on my next collection, Coffee Stains. I originally had that title set aside for a chapbook I entered in a composition; since my work was not chosen, that freed me to use it for a full-length book.

So far, the basic layout is in place, and I have begun making adjustments to page order, and checking the poems to see where I still need to make edits. Since I re-typed the poems into my InDesign documents, I am also checking for typos.

Since the holidays and their related goings-on are approaching, I am looking at a January 2016 release for this book.

Third item of business

Speaking of January 2016, I am scheduled to be one of the featured readers (there are usually three) at PoetsWest’s monthly reading at the Green Lake branch of the Seattle Public Library on January 9th at 4 p.m. For more information about this and other poetry readings in the Pacific Northwest, go to PoetsWest’s Venues page.

Fourth item of business

I may soon begin work on a book of photographs. It is early enough that I have neither a theme nor any idea what form it may take (though I would love to do a nice hardcover). More to come as it develops.

(13 November 2015)