ART 53, day 47

This Is Fifty-Three, day 47

More PDF uploads…

Up late again last night, but this time it had nothing to do with my book. I was just up late.

Reviewed digital proofs this morning, and made three small changes—one the end of a line in a poem that I had resisted changing because I wrote it during my ‘verbless poem’ month, one changing a line break of a poem in one edition to match the line break in the other, and one removing a clause from a poem in one edition so the line would match the other edition.

The revised PDFs have been submitted for review. Again I wait. Again.

Meanwhile, this time I made sure to note how much the printed proofs will cost per copy: $22.85 + tax and shipping for the 314-page full-color edition, and $3.25 for the 200-page black-and-white edition.

(9 August 2016)