Blindness (a poem)

Watching a Japanese drama on Netflix…

Everyone is so blind to love
or blindfolded, as the case may be

When love comes willingly to us
we turn it away
suspicious of the source
embarrassed by the attention
ashamed at our lack of worth

We can feel love’s presence
but we’re conditioned not to see it
we have to ignore it
or pretend it’s something else

So we become starved, hungry
but we keep it a secret
because we’re not supposed to show we care

Meanwhile, there’s anger all around us
everyone lashing out over one thing or another
looking past each other
numb to the reality

Without love
we close our eyes and run scared
tripping over obstacles
crashing into walls
screaming into the dark

It seems better than facing the emptiness

But really
isn’t it time we opened our eyes?

(9 July 2016)