Pause (a poem)

Started out straying from the month’s theme again, but a phrase I heard in a song slipped in at the last moment…

(I had a good night’s sleep, dreaming about things I barely remember now)

Half the day slip away

now I’m here

on the other side of noon

        listening to block chords
and a muted trumpet

        through tinny speakers
wishing for gentle touch and a heartbeat

to call home

The static in the air may spark come twilight
            I will turn out the lights and think about things
            I have no business thinking about anymore

            I had my chance

She’s too good to remind me, instead letting it sink in

(There is no sugar in my coffee, better for the bitter taste to come through)

Half the day has slipped away
            twilight approaches, in search of sparks

                        the blue of the evening refuses
in the absence of any other choice, it will almost do

(16 July 2016)