Dead website

My website (not this blog) will be offline for a while. I received e-mail from my hosting service indicating my site may have been hacked. In the process of deleting the files they had disabled in the meantime, I inadvertently disabled the site to the point where I no longer have the option to restore [...]

Curse you, retrograde planets!

I am not hardcore into astrology—but I definitely notice when we’re entering a Mercury retrograde period. That’s when things that would normally go smoothly are more likely to go awry, particularly with respect to communication. This is one of those times. Mercury goes retrograde (appears to start moving backwards, from Earth’s perspective) on April 9th, [...]


I found this monstrosity this morning when I went to check my website for something: Yes, somehow the decent sans-serif typeface (Raleway) I have been using for my headings is appearing as this bit of ugliness. I checked the Customize options, and the typeface selection is correct—but, for some reason, is not being displayed. I will [...]