Curse you, retrograde planets!

I am not hardcore into astrology—but I definitely notice when we’re entering a Mercury retrograde period. That’s when things that would normally go smoothly are more likely to go awry, particularly with respect to communication.

This is one of those times. Mercury goes retrograde (appears to start moving backwards, from Earth’s perspective) on April 9th, but the first effects are starting to be felt.

In my case, I discovered today, when I went to make a small update, that one (or more) of the recent updates to WordPress, PHP, MySQL, or the theme I have been using wiped out a key setting on the text widgets I have been using—meaning that, instead of each widget appearing in the sidebar of only the page I designated, ALL of them were appearing on EVERY page. Because of how busy I have been until recently, I do not know when this started, or what caused it. All I know is that I will now have to spend time figuring out what I am going to do about it.

I was starting to think about switching to a different WordPress theme for my website, so maybe it is time to do that. But grrr…

(26 March 2017)