Some circles are never unbroken (a poem)

Up past midnight again, but I did have a reason…

Your Valentine
is a cherry-pop pop song
twitching nervously
on a crackly, staticky radio
dying on a corner table
in an empty room

I am the oddly lost
beacon of desperation
tripping down a deserted street
trying to stay two steps ahead of the lightning
in pursuit of the fantasy
that has always stayed two steps ahead of me

The fantasy
is a phantom
dressed in blurred edges
and indefinite patterns
an ideal that refuses to reveal itself
as long as I am present

So here I am
thinking about cherry-pop pop-song Valentines
lightning storms in relentless pursuit
and blurred-edge phantoms of fantasy that I can’t catch
and all I can think about is going back to that crackly, staticky radio
the one that’s dying on a corner table in an empty room
because at least I can maybe change the station
to something that will resonate in a cell or two
and replace the disappointment I imagine
in your imagination when it thinks about me
so I won’t have to spend all my time
thinking about your Valentine

(26 January 2017)

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