The brandy chronicles (A poem)

As a moderate drinker, I don’t much like the stronger stuff (generally speaking, anything stronger than Bailey’s). Once or twice a year, though, I do enjoy a bit of brandy…


Caramel or with coffee
smooth in amber
deceptively intoxicating
bewitching to the senses
tingling upon my tongue

Given enough time
I would drink you in for days
let the taste of you linger
until, insatiable, I’d have to have more
for as long as you’d let me

Oh, to have a brandy or two
and lie back in your arms
I don’t care about getting drunk
I just want to float off to dreamland with you
on the softest flying carpet
just above the billowy clouds
of a cotton-candy sky

I want to luxuriate in the softness of those arms
the warmth of your heartbeat
the love in your eyes
the scent so penetrating
I know I’m in the right place
where I need to be
where you love me

Thinking about nothing
feeling everything

I want to respond to your simple query
with a detailed treatise
on the nature of love
and the intensity of my feelings for you
as expressed every waking hour
by every cell in my body
from the far corners of my mind
to the depths of my heart
all sparked by that light in your eyes
filled with the glow of Heaven

(1/3 October 2015—posted October 4th—edits posted November 1st)

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