Thinking spring must be almost here because I want to hear happy music this morning instead of sad songs and moody tunes (A poem)

Listening to Laura Nyro and The Style Council this morning—two sure signs that spring is about to arrive… I don’t want to hear about sadness or of the pathos of knowing we’ll die The morning is cold enough as it is I want you to sing of the joy and the glory of the captain and [...]

The dream is over (A poem)

Contemplating things that have and have not changed… It’s been forty-five years half the Beatles are dead the Stones are old men What once was victory is now a bitter memory in the hearts of angry men Some confuse hate with heritage but hate has history, too The trouble spots are where they meet and [...]

Back to the Future Day (A poem)

Posting this a couple of days late… The day we all saw in the movie has arrived but the future doesn’t look like it was supposed to Wheels are still firmly on the ground Locks still require keys The Cubs probably won’t make it to the Series Where we’re going, we still need roads After [...]

A partial list of what I want (a poem)

The December 20th prompt in The Daily Poet: Day-By-Day Prompts For Your Writing Practice, by Kelli Russell Agodon & Martha Silano, is to write a poem ‘enumerating your wishes and desires’. I want the world they promised us when we were young: gleaming cities, flying cars, houses in the clouds, peace on earth in a perfect world— and jet [...]