Back to the Future Day (A poem)

Posting this a couple of days late… The day we all saw in the movie has arrived but the future doesn’t look like it was supposed to Wheels are still firmly on the ground Locks still require keys The Cubs probably won’t make it to the Series Where we’re going, we still need roads After [...]

A scene from the movie where real life and dreams attempt to intersect (a poem)

Sometimes, falling asleep with the TV on affects my dreams… The lion roared in the middle of the film the actress broke character, ran screaming from the room I awoke to dialogue that no longer made sense not even the subtitles were enough to convince me I left the room it spun on without me unfamiliar music [...]

Scenes from Al-Veddy Suicide: The Movie (a poem)

I had this bizarre dream the other night. In the first part, I was watching previews for this wacky animated movie called Al-Veddy Suicide, created by these guys working under the name New Light City. (Imagine South Park taken to bizarre, illogical extremes, with even more tasteless jokes and inappropriate scenarios.) The previews were showing on this [...]

National Poetry Writing Month: Day #4 (April 4, 2013)

Today, I actually went with the writing prompt—i.e., "write a poem with a title drawn from one of [the Iain M. Banks] spaceship names"… A Fine Disregard for Awkward Facts People don't travel by stop-motion photography anymore Perhaps if we can re-arrange our formation slightly we can change that That plush toy staring at me [...]