Scenes from Al-Veddy Suicide: The Movie (a poem)

I had this bizarre dream the other night.

In the first part, I was watching previews for this wacky animated movie called Al-Veddy Suicide, created by these guys working under the name New Light City. (Imagine South Park taken to bizarre, illogical extremes, with even more tasteless jokes and inappropriate scenarios.) The previews were showing on this glass trunk-like thing in the lobby of a movie theater; the top of the thing was the actual screen, approximately three feet by six feet in size. On the side (end), a rectangular opening provided a glimpse at the segments of the previews, each of which displayed a still from the movie. Most of the poem below describes what I saw during this part of the dream.

In the second part, I was hanging out with the guys from New Light City in their studios, while episodes of their show were playing over the P.A. system (instead of Muzak®). One of the sketches imagined what news broadcasts might sound like if the news were being read by very unqualified anchormen—for example, someone who had failed the test to become certified in some completely unrelated occupation or profession. A loop of a scene showing a plane crash played on an editing workstation. One of their worktables had drafts of posters for the movie: one poster showed a sleek Darth Vader-like figure; the poster next to it showed the setting for the scene that was looping on the workstation.

Normally, I would try to write a very detailed description of what I remember from the night’s dreams (more detailed than what you have just read); instead, I attempted to put it into a poem—as a nice change from the more introspective stuff I usually write.

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National Poetry Writing Month: Day #4 (April 4, 2013)

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