Thinking spring must be almost here because I want to hear happy music this morning instead of sad songs and moody tunes (A poem)

Listening to Laura Nyro and The Style Council this morning—two sure signs that spring is about to arrive…

I don’t want to hear about sadness
or of the pathos of knowing we’ll die
The morning is cold enough as it is

I want you to sing of the joy and the glory
of the captain and the devil and the wedding bell blues
to raise me up to the brightness of the sky

I don’t need to go the way of the world
or even to know exactly where I’m headed
as long as I can meet you there someday

And there in the clearing
surrounded by grasses green
under the bright yellow sun
in a clear blue sky
we can celebrate
the fact of our existence
on this happiest of happy days
to the sound of unbridled joy

(27 February 2016)

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