2017 Poetry Marathon, Hour Nine: Apologies to the spider I flushed down the toilet in a wadded-up tissue

Ninth poem of the day. I would normally have scooped you up in a glass and taken you outside but you did a Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible and came down from the ceiling to right in front of my face bringing the fight to me This I cannot abide (5 August 2017) The original [...]

Poetry Marathon 2016, Hour Nine: The real problem, as I see it

Ninth poem of the day. Got myself stuck—until I decided to write a haiku, which forced me to focus. I have succeeded in changing my thoughts, but not in changing my mind. (13 August 2016) The original post is here: https://thepoetrymarathon.com/blog/kevinjoconner/hour-nine-the-real-problem-as-i-see-it/ Don’t forget to check out the other poems!