Quiet day (a poem)

I haven’t done one of these for a while: no conversation (except where necessary—at the grocery store checkout, for example), no music, no use of any device specifically designed to produce sound. Today we dream silence: thinking not of what someone tells us listening not to the stories we are fed speaking not to fill [...]

Da capo al fine (a poem)

Watching Ryuichi Sakamoto: CODA on blu-ray from Japan… Born out of the mud once the waters drew back the tone drifts at glacial pace We are humanity Looking for beauty and grace amidst the ruin breath visible in the chill We are humanity Sound and fury, signifying nothing Nothing matters, and yet… We are humanity [...]

Last round (a poem)

A quiet afternoon… Chemical crispness settling upon my tongue we spend our afternoons in hospital we’re no longer young ‘Can we have a chair by the window? It’s cold today, but there’s sun’ The page breaks in this book come in odd places I know all the words and remember most of the faces but [...]