2020 Poetry Marathon (a poem)

The 12 poems from this year’s half marathon, written between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. PT. Hour 12: https://thepoetrymarathon.com/blog/kevinjoconner/2020-poetry-marathon-hour-12/ Hour 11: https://thepoetrymarathon.com/blog/kevinjoconner/2020-poetry-marathon-hour-11/ Hour 10: https://thepoetrymarathon.com/blog/kevinjoconner/2020-poetry-marathon-hour-10/ Hour 9: https://thepoetrymarathon.com/blog/kevinjoconner/2020-poetry-marathon-hour-9/ Hour 8: https://thepoetrymarathon.com/blog/kevinjoconner/2020-poetry-marathon-hour-8/ Hour 7: https://thepoetrymarathon.com/blog/kevinjoconner/2020-poetry-marathon-hour-7/ Hour 6: https://thepoetrymarathon.com/blog/kevinjoconner/2020-poetry-marathon-hour-6/ Hour 5: https://thepoetrymarathon.com/blog/kevinjoconner/2020-poetry-marathon-hour-5/ Hour 4: https://thepoetrymarathon.com/blog/kevinjoconner/2020-poetry-marathon-hour-4/ Hour 3: https://thepoetrymarathon.com/blog/kevinjoconner/2020-poetry-marathon-hour-3/ Hour 2: https://thepoetrymarathon.com/blog/kevinjoconner/2020-poetry-marathon-hour-2/ Hour 1: https://thepoetrymarathon.com/blog/kevinjoconner/2020-poetry-marathon-hour-1/ (27 June 2020) [...]

Unravelling (these caged creatures follow lines to infinity, but still don’t know where they go) (a poem)

Another phase I’m going through—until the next one. The magic carpet ride isn’t ours to take ——— Our children’s children’s children won’t be around to tell the stories of strawberry sleigh rides and blurry photographs That’ll be somebody else with someone else in some other place 2000 light years away ——— I heard someone say [...]

The indefinite article is getting a lot of use lately (a poem)

… Every day, a new headline declares ‘a Black Man’ dead Because to print his name would be too much to bear (13 June 2020) Wishes sometimes have consequences—available to order from your favorite local bookstore! IndieBound search: https://www.indiebound.org/search/book?keys=wishes+sometimes+have+consequences If they can’t get it for you, you can always find it on Amazon: Hardcover: https://smile.amazon.com/Wishes-Sometimes-Consequences-Kevin-OConner/dp/0998878154/ [...]