Someday I call your name… (a poem)

I was at the Half Price Books in Seattle this morning, where I found a vinyl copy of Origato Plastico, the second LP by the late, great Plastics. Plastics were made up of Toshi Nakanishi, Chica Sato, Hajime Tachibana, Masahide Sakuma, and Takemi Shima. During their relatively brief time together, they released three LPs and a [...]

Somewhere faraway (a poem)

Yesterday morning, I arrived early for an appointment. For my in-car listening that morning, I had chosen a mixtape I made in 1987 (the CD player in my car stopped working back in February). One of the songs on the tape, included as an instrumental interlude, was ‘Somewhere Faraway’, from Melon’s 1987 album Deep Cut. (Club-goers may [...]