National Poetry Writing Month: Day #20 (April 20, 2014)

Family poems seem to be all the rage among poetry prompts today; both and Writer's Digest suggest writing a 'family poem' for today's prompt. (Okay, that's only two. Still…) Number 20 on LitBridge's list of prompts involves imagining 'living 300 or more years ago', with 'the same personality and body'. (Yeah, I can't see myself [...]

National Poetry Writing Month: Day #19 (April 19, 2014)

Today's prompt is kind of a long one, so I'll condense and paraphrase: [W]rite a poem using one or more of the sea shell names listed. I imagine the strawberry tip protruding from her mouth A strand of hair falls across her smiling eyes She is bathed in golden light This is how I will [...]

National Poetry Writing Month: Day #16 (April 16, 2014)

Today's prompt: [W]rite a ten-line poem in which each line is a lie. They left the seat up and the toothpaste cap loose this much milk left in the carton —and drank the last of the orange juice The toilet paper roll is empty they forgot to lock the front door There are rainbow stains [...]

National Poetry Writing Month: Day #15 (April 15, 2014)

Today's prompt was giving me fits. The ottava rima that was last year's Day 8 prompt worked out well, as it coincided with news of the death of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. For some reason, though, attempting a terza rima just had me encountering trite sentences and dead-end rhymes. So, I decided to switch [...]

National Poetry Writing Month: Day #13 (April 13, 2014)

Today's prompt comes from the Poetry Prompts page at Write a poem using Skeltonic Verse. I've shed no tears for so many years all my worst fears have no place to go So they grow and they grow and the next thing I know they knock me about as they fight to get out fuelling my [...]

National Poetry Writing Month: Day #12 (April 12, 2014)

Today's prompt is #12 on the LitBridge list: Talk about something specific a loved one does for you. […] Write a poem that incorporates the feelings and images associated with this event. At night we'd tuck in before going to sleep You'd settle in next to me with your head on my chest and breathe a sigh of [...]

National Poetry Writing Month: Day #11 (April 11, 2014)

Today's prompt involved writing 'about wine-and-love [sic]'. Wine and I don't get along so well these days, so I decided to go with #11 on the LitBridge list: Take an image that you can recall from the prior week. Use this image to help you write a poem. 'If there is a moon, I will point it [...]

National Poetry Writing Month: Day #10 (April 10, 2014)

Today's prompt is #50 on LitBridge's Creative Writing Prompts for Poetry: Look at the last 10 poems you have written. Pay attention to the ending lines. Use one of those ending lines to begin a new poem. The poem I started with, written April 2nd: There's no sun when I awake There's no sun when the day is done  [...]