National Poetry Writing Month: Day #11 (April 11, 2014)

Today’s prompt involved writing ‘about wine-and-love [sic]’. Wine and I don’t get along so well these days, so I decided to go with #11 on the LitBridge list:

Take an image that you can recall from the prior week. Use this image to help you write a poem.

‘If there is a moon, I will point it out to you’
That’s what we always used to say
Of course, we got it wrong
but we never let that get in the way
of the moment

Out of the blue, we’d simply point
Full moon, half moon,
new moon, blue moon—
in that moment,
it was our moon

A few days ago, when I got home
I happened to look up at the sky
There was a half moon,
but pointing it out
was not an option

(11 April 2014)



One thought on “National Poetry Writing Month: Day #11 (April 11, 2014)

  1. Kevin – To this day, when I see the moon, I point at it in honor of you, and in memory of us. Alex

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