The endless life (a poem)

Inspired by the movie The Age of Adeline. Another day without change as the world transforms itself around me and disappears, a little bit every day The maintenance of secrets is a full-time job a lifetime occupation So is the letting go Each time I choose to pull away adds another layer, another scar another unfinished [...]

We did this to ourselves (A poem)

Bonus round—unfiltered… Yeah, being wrong can hurt like the time I waited until I was 40 to get married so I’d never have to worry about ever getting divorced and then we totally got divorced for the same tired old reasons that thousands of couples before us had for getting divorced And why didn’t the [...]

Youthful discretion (a poem)

Inspired by a photograph… She reminds me of someone I once knew I don’t hear from her anymore I guess I can’t blame her I had my reasons but they seem so frivolous now It’s too late for everything wishful thinking means nothing second chances don’t exist The walls are too high this time and [...]

National Poetry Writing Month: Day #11 (April 11, 2014)

Today's prompt involved writing 'about wine-and-love [sic]'. Wine and I don't get along so well these days, so I decided to go with #11 on the LitBridge list: Take an image that you can recall from the prior week. Use this image to help you write a poem. 'If there is a moon, I will point it [...]

National Poetry Writing Month: Day #29 (April 29, 2013)

Today's prompt is to write a poem using at least five words from other languages. I spent five years living in Tokyo after college, so I decided to just try writing something in Japanese. 僕の言葉 誤解の原因 君の逃げ出した理由 僕の孤独の始まり 未練を隠して闇に消える でも、君の想い出を胸に秘める Here's a rough translation: My words The cause of the misunderstanding The reason you left [...]