Blackout poem

My first serious attempt at a blackout poem, in which you take a page from a book, magazine, or newspaper, then take a marker and cross out text to strategically reveal the words of the poem you are creating. The book I used was In the Garden of Beasts by Erik Larson (2011, Crown Publishers). Since I haven’t really done this before, it took me several pages to arrive at something…

Men spoke of first loves
something of an exaggeration
time and again, it did not work

For all she knew
this was an unconscious chapter
to be regretted
a look and tone
that collapsed against each other

She found a seam of tension
of long despair
She always found
tears in his eyes
She had loved him once

Ever since the first time
his hands had been keeping a secret

(9 January 2015)

N.B.: I was going to post JPEGs of the actual pages I used, then include the text afterwards, but formatting was a hassle, so I skipped the JPEGs altogether…