The unexamined life (a poem)

Inspired by a variety of social media posts and memes. Imagine whatever you want the reasons behind what happened will not change themselves to fit your interpretation your wishes or your myth The truth is that you may never know the truth not even when you see it right in front of you Your attempts to [...]

An index of metals (a poem)

Inspired by the Fripp & Eno piece, included on their album Evening Star. Feedback manifest as cobalt sits at the edge of the soundstage pulling at the ear the head bends in response Vibrato ripples through the alchemist’s solution unhindered by the fallibility of his reasoning Time warps to a crawl The scraping you hear is the [...]

Easter eggs in autumn (a poem)

Inspired by the Shiina Ringo DVDs 賣笑エクスタシー [Baishou Ecstasy] and Electric Mole. Cat ears Cat’s eyes Which pair shows the truth of the disguise? There’s a girl in kimono playing guitar at the Budokan she might know but don’t expect her to tell… The lock won’t open if you don’t know the code Your chances [...]