The big ol’ list o’ books and where to get them

Borrowing an idea I’ve seen a few people do on social media, I am going to attempt a ‘master list’ of links for my books to date. Here goes… Print editions This Is Fifty-three ISBN, full-color edition: 9780990794998 CreateSpace eStore: Amazon: ISBN, Just the Words, Man edition: 9781536961195 CreateSpace eStore: Amazon: Signed copy, direct from me: Square Market: PayPal: [...]

The corners of My Room (2016 remaster) (music)

I have had this piece up on SoundCloud for a while, but thought I should make it available for download. It is available on a ‘pay what you want’ basis. (14 September 2016) Update: Last month, I discovered that I still had the image file of the DVD edition of the unreleased album I constructed this [...]

On the ladder (a poem)

An ekphrastic poem, inspired by my piece, ‘I’ve gone too far to turn back now’. There’s only a little bit left may as well have the rest Tomorrow’s looking the same as today which was the same as yesterday It’s not going to matter how I feel I’m reaching up for the next rung far [...]

How far will we get without a running start when the whole world is against us? (a poem)

An ekphrastic poem, inspired by The Matrix. Everything can be traced to something beyond the surface but we can’t find it without that helping hand The view is obscured by an accident of focus to follow the voice is the only way out The maze leads to the drop looking down is not advised if we [...]