Photo Tales: The Number You Have Reached…

The latest in photographer Tom Wright’s Photo Tales combines his photo of a phone booth in Pioneer Square with a poem I wrote based on the image.

(10 July 2015)


Note: I’m excited to have a new Photo Tales to post! If you don’t know what that is, give the Photo Tales tab a click at the top of the page. A couple of reasons why this one is especially exciting. 

First, this is the first time I have a writing submission from someone I had never met previous, while I really enjoy friends and family contributing, it is fun to have someone new involved.

Second, neither the photo or the writing had a title to it, when this happens I like to send it to a third party and have them title it based off their interpretation. My friend Lisa took that on this time, and what was unique with her title submission is she gave a little explanation to why she thought of the title. Here’s her thoughts: Because the piece is numbered, and because that sentence always autocompletes…

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