Photo Tales: The Number You Have Reached…

The latest in photographer Tom Wright’s Photo Tales combines his photo of a phone booth in Pioneer Square with a poem I wrote based on the image.

(10 July 2015)


Note: I’m excited to have a new Photo Tales to post! If you don’t know what that is, give the Photo Tales tab a click at the top of the page. A couple of reasons why this one is especially exciting. 

First, this is the first time I have a writing submission from someone I had never met previous, while I really enjoy friends and family contributing, it is fun to have someone new involved.

Second, neither the photo or the writing had a title to it, when this happens I like to send it to a third party and have them title it based off their interpretation. My friend Lisa took that on this time, and what was unique with her title submission is she gave a little explanation to why she thought of the title. Here’s her thoughts: Because the piece is numbered, and because that sentence always autocompletes…

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I read We’ve All Got Eyes, Man for #BlackPoetsSpeakOut

Truth from one of my favorite poets, Talicha J.

I wanted to get out there and DO something, participate in the change, lift the weight of the onslaught on justice with my own bare hands. But I didn’t know how. I kept asking, “What do I do?” and everyone kept telling me the best place to start was my talent, to raise my voice. In The Issues, Sharon Olds writes, “Don’t talk to me about Politics. I’ve got eyes, man.” That line plus the current state of our nation sparked this poem. So I thank blackpoetsspeakout for creating a place for us to make noise and demand change in a positive way. This is my voice, this is me saying I will not be silent. I will use my words to assist our cause.

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