Coffee Stains update: Now accepting advance orders

I have put up a pre-order listing on Square Market for Coffee Stains. Each order placed through Square Market will include: • signed copy of the book • a bona-fide coffee cup ring on the first blank page—no two will be alike • a coupon code for a free download of the e-book from To [...]

She’ll forget about me in time (A poem)

A poem about the moon—and yes, the use of the word passed is intentional… The moon still comes around to her place in the night sky Some nights, I think she’s trying to get my attention a spotlight in search of a performer or a fugitive on the run I don’t have much use for the [...]

The Brandy Chronicles (a sequel)

I am fighting the inclination to add this to the poem in my forthcoming collection. For now, I present it as a continuation… 5 Sipping hasn’t done much good: the bottle is empty my mouth is on fire I still have feelings I really do enjoy the taste with or without embellishment I like the [...]