National Poetry Writing Month 2019 Day #29 (pt. 2)

Here is my Day 29 poem using the prompt: Write a poem that meditates from a position of tranquility on an emotion you have felt powerfully. I took a minimal approach for this one. There is no relief from grief only moments of pause (28 April 2019—posted April 29th) Wishes sometimes have consequences is [...]

National Poetry Writing Month 2019 Day #29 (pt. 1)

Here is my poem for Day 29 using the POETRYisEVERYTHING prompt: A countdown poem, using gradually decreasing numbers until the last line. Sting’s not the only one who resolved to call her up a thousand times a day Nick Lowe’s not the only one to ever call 999 I’m guessing my baby really wasn’t on [...]

National Poetry Writing Month 2018, Day 29

The prompt for Day 29 is to ‘write a poem based on the Plath Poetry Project’s calendar. Simply pick a poem from the calendar, and then write a poem that responds or engages with your chosen Plath poem in some way.’ I chose to work with ‘The Rabbit Catcher’. I applied the approach from the Day 18 [...]

When everything else evaporates or vaporises (NaPoWriMo 2017 Day 29 alternate poem)

This was my initial attempt at the Day 29 poem. I initially posted my second attempt because I felt this first one was too literal. Now that I look at it again, it really isn’t; it just lacks an emotional center (at least, for me it does).  When everything else evaporates or vaporises Of all [...]

National Poetry Writing Month 2017, Day 29

My Day 29 poem for National Poetry Writing Month uses the prompt on—which involves choosing a ‘very specific, concrete noun’ from a favorite poem, doing some free writing based on that word, then incorporating that all into a new poem. I chose to work from the word bones, which I drew from a poem by S. R. [...]

National Poetry Writing Month: Day #29 (April 29, 2014)

Today's prompt is a really long one from; I shall condense it thusly: Jim Simmerman's ‘Twenty Little Poetry Projects’. Follow the link above for more details. She pulled the ripcord but the ’chute was empty The explosion sunk a thousand battleships in the Antarctic I felt the hot wind brush my skin it howled past [...]