National Poetry Writing Month 2017, Day 29

My Day 29 poem for National Poetry Writing Month uses the prompt on—which involves choosing a ‘very specific, concrete noun’ from a favorite poem, doing some free writing based on that word, then incorporating that all into a new poem. I chose to work from the word bones, which I drew from a poem by S. R. MasonDry skin, cold hands—I live in upside down houses and draw X’s on my tongue.


These little aches and pains
remind me of what it used to feel like
when you were still here

The heat from the pad
a gentle reminder of the tender warmth
I miss all too often now

There is so much
that I don’t know—
but I feel it

A change in the weather is coming
I know this with certainty
though my windows are closed

Never the subject of wishes made
with eyes closed
I contemplate this alone

When everything else
evaporates or vaporises
all that’s left are bones

(28 April 2017—posted April 29th ET)

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    1. Thanks! I had intended to do something different, but then I read an article on cremation…

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