National Poetry Writing Month: Day #29 (April 29, 2014)

Today’s prompt is a really long one from; I shall condense it thusly:

Jim Simmerman’s ‘Twenty Little Poetry Projects’.

Follow the link above for more details.

She pulled the ripcord
but the ’chute was empty
The explosion sunk
a thousand battleships in the Antarctic
I felt the hot wind brush my skin
it howled past my ears
as I fell through the air
Yes, the train had jumped the track
but the impact threw me clear of the wreck
I awoke to the taste of dirt beneath my tongue
The still morning air was thick with the smell of acrid smoke
I saw hazy shapes before me
I could barely hear the muted colors
that floated in front of me
Ally should have stayed in Mexico
if she hadn’t come back
she never would have left
taking her ladybits with her
Sometimes they don’t tell you
all you need to know
When I saw the cloudless blue sky
I knew there was trouble ahead
The jagged edges of scribbled impatience
compelled The Squirrel to melt
through the walls of the vault
Kevin will find life outside those walls
(Oh, my squelchy life!)
‘C’est la vie! C’est la vie!’
screamed the broadsheet
apropos of nothing
They found a pair of scissors
left behind

(29 April 2014)