National Poetry Writing Month 2022, Day 29

My Day 29 poem, based on the prompt at

I started out on a high note.

Because nothing beats being alive
when it comes to a birthday gift.

When you’ve spent all eternity so far
not existing, the miracle of birth
certainly is good for a lift.

I don’t remember the day at all—
after all, it was the middle of the night.

I suppose I slept a lot,
because that’s what babies do.

And I do like sleep.

Therein lies the curse—
sleep and I have
a fractious relationship.

Sleep wants to go strictly by the clock—
in bed by ten, up by six.

I’m more of a night owl
up till midnight
sometimes one or two
and I like to get up late

But sleep will have none of it
waking me up at six or seven regardless

And then she decides
she’s going to have some fun

She lets me have my morning
cup of coffee—
but doesn’t tell me it’s for her

So then she’s all hopped up on caffeine
and ready to play

For the next couple of hours
I’m on sleep’s schedule

By the time I’m finally up
awake and alert
the morning is almost gone
and there’s work to be done

And all I want
is to go back to sleep…

(29 April 2022)


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