Without purpose (a poem)

I spent yesterday updating my blog and finishing the preliminary layout for a section of the next book, so I didn’t write yesterday. I was at it first thing this morning, though… Patience without virtue a ladder without rungs two sticks in the ground up against the building without purpose Bridges over dry beds names [...]

Exercise in Patience

Skipping today's writing prompt because it's not very interesting… Today turned out to be an exercise in patience. With my recent experiences with my state's health insurance exchange—whether online or on the phone—being one exercise in frustration after another, when it came to talking with my current insurer about the premium for the new policy [...]

National Poetry Writing Month: Day #18 (April 18, 2013)

Today's prompt: write a poem that begins and ends with the same word. Given the whirlwind-of-change-inspired self-reflection of the last few months, it was almost too easy. Not that the poem itself was necessarily easy, just the challenge… I haven't stopped for long though time seems to stretch out this moment beyond tolerance Unannounced delays [...]