Without purpose (a poem)

I spent yesterday updating my blog and finishing the preliminary layout for a section of the next book, so I didn’t write yesterday. I was at it first thing this morning, though… Patience without virtue a ladder without rungs two sticks in the ground up against the building without purpose Bridges over dry beds names [...]

Grey Mondays (a poem)

Cool and cloudy this Monday morning… No standing here all too clear neither refusal nor fear not here Vignettes alone pictures on a phone here in the ‘friend zone’ alone Conditional risks justifiable picks dinner at six without risks Grey, grey Mondays no time for play with stumbling blocks in the way Ah, Mondays! (23 [...]

My Monday (a verbless haiku chain)

Oh, Monday! A morning chance encounter tentative next steps the inevitable wait And my favor deficit bigger and bigger a stretch with no signs of hope Attempted birthday message ‘username not found’ scratch that name from my contacts An improvised episode the jokes kind of flat in both east- and west-coast feeds The clock now [...]

It must be Monday (a poem)

The February 9th prompt in The Daily Poet, by Kelli Russell Agodon and Martha Silano, is to write a poem that starts with one word on the first line, with each subsequent line being one word longer—so the second line would be two words long, the third would be three words long, and so on. I was [...]