The combined big ol’ list o’ books and where to get them

And here is the combined list that includes both print and e-book editions: Print editions This Is Fifty-three ISBN, full-color edition: 9780990794998 CreateSpace eStore: Amazon: ISBN, Just the Words, Man edition: 9781536961195 CreateSpace eStore: Amazon: Signed copy, direct from me: Square Market: PayPal: ‘Dear Tuesday…’ ISBN: 9780990794981 CreateSpace eStore: Amazon:‘Dear-Tuesday…’-Love-Notes-Days/dp/0990794989/ Coffee Stains ISBN: 9780990794974 CreateSpace eStore: Amazon: Barnes & Noble [...]

The page is a reminder (a poem)

An ekphrastic poem, inspired by a diary page posted by Ksenia Anske. I don’t recognize the writing on some pages, I don’t see it at all (tip: never use fluorescent yellow highlighters to write in journals) I know that I was bored or angry wanting to be anywhere else wanting to pretend it never happened [...]

One breath, another breath (a poem)

An ekphrastic poem, inspired by Frank Perry’s album Zodiac. Where the stars meet silence I am on guard I am too accustomed to silence One breath Another breath Gongs mark where grains shift before tumbling down glass to strike the drum One breath Another breath The chambers in which we choose to live hold space [...]

The big ol’ list o’ e-books and where to get them

Borrowing an idea I’ve seen a few people do on social media, I am going to attempt a ‘master list’ of links for my books to date. Here goes… E-book editions This Is Fifty-three Just the Words, Man edition Barnes & Noble iTunes Smashwords Coffee Stains Barnes & Noble iTunes Smashwords Refusal to Remain Invisible Barnes & [...]

Blood tales (a poem)

An ekphrastic poem, inspired by a painting by Shiraga Kazuo, viewed online at The smear on the pavement reminds you something happened The stain on the dressing tells you the wound is still fresh The flush of her cheeks says she’d rather you didn’t know The numbers on the chart indicate one more round (21 September [...]