The page is a reminder (a poem)

An ekphrastic poem, inspired by a diary page posted by Ksenia Anske.

I don’t recognize the writing
on some pages, I don’t see it at all
(tip: never use fluorescent yellow highlighters to write in journals)

I know that I was bored or angry
wanting to be anywhere else
wanting to pretend it never happened

• • • •

Dates—Places—Names—No names

• • • •

In dreams I am being chased
through city streets and junkyards
pursued by dogs I can’t see

crawling outside fences
housing wrecks piled dozens high
bathed in a pale yellow glow

• • • •

The plane touched down
on a grey summer morning
completing my escape

Bus stops replaced junkyards
cryptic messages chases
dreams remained dreams

• • • •

A glimpse into thoughts on another day
forever receding into the distance
the page is a reminder

(24 September 2016)

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