Capitalism (A poem)

I ended up not writing anything yesterday (though not intentionally), so I made sure to write something shortly after I awoke this morning… Engineered to kill but lusting for life the predator moves about the world always searching Pretending to be brave but frightened inside the warrior charges through the battlefield always fighting Conquering the [...]

Happy for the day (a poem)

I was doing other stuff, so this was all I wrote yesterday… You know, this reminds me so much of back then: the sunlight, the breeze, the hint of autumn crispness in the late summer air that song I used to listen to on my Walkman® as I walked from shop to shop looking for [...]

Zero (a poem)

Found Terry Gilliam’s The Zero Theorem on Amazon Prime last night… Two of them joined by an invisible thread drawn into a turbulent vortex looking for a moment of trust for human touch But it doesn’t work that way he can’t get through anymore as the vortex opens wider and he falls in deeper and deeper and [...]