Happy for the day (a poem)

I was doing other stuff, so this was all I wrote yesterday…

You know, this reminds me so much of back then:
the sunlight, the breeze, the hint of autumn crispness in the late summer air
that song I used to listen to on my Walkman®
as I walked from shop to shop
looking for just the right thing to ease my doubts
and make myself happy for the day

The gulf between then and now
is bridged by this feeling in the air
The world is a vastly different place
but I feel almost exactly the same
with all these hours in the day
and a particular thirst for living

Maybe no one thing will ever set my soul free
but I will never give up trying to find it
even if nothing ever changes
and the world heads non-stop for Hell
I’ll be searching for satisfaction
and making myself happy for the day

(2 September 2015—posted September 3)

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