That tribal celebration that always comes before the big battle scene (a poem)

I spent a good chunk of the afternoon trying to write one of those Important Statement poems that appear every once in a while. It was not working, however, coming across at various points as either too earnest, too forced, or both. So I am posting this more honest poem instead, which I wrote while [...]

Every dance I’ve ever been to (a poem)

Inspired by a song on the Cale & Eno album Wrong Way Up. The lilting rhythms give her something to dance to while he stands in the corner (as usual) When embarrassed and proud come to the dance together embarrassed watches proud live out loud Proud wishes embarrassed would join her to shout out loud in [...]

Now I’m the invisible man (a poem)

For today’s poem, I used a prompt posted on Tumblr by @promptsgalore’: Write something that takes place at a park at night and includes the following: • unrequited love • spilled coffee • the color yellow • a lyric from your favorite song • dancing She left me alone in the park her bright yellow [...]