What happens when you get what you want? (a poem)

Inspired by a call for writing about ‘what pop culture did for you, to you, and with you in the 1990s’, I go back to 1992 (though the photo is from 1991)… Xanax® fogged me into an anxious limbo a state of wired sedation where clouds had edges and every outing threatened amputation The screaming [...]

A poem from 1992

I did not write anything yesterday; today is still up for grabs. Meanwhile, I re-discovered a couple (okay, four) poems I wrote in 1992, while I was still living in Tokyo. This particular poem would appear to be concerned with the subway. The girl with the brown teeth and skin condition takes another drag from [...]

80–90–92 (a poem)

Today’s prompt in The Daily Poet, by Kelli Russell Agodon and Martha Silano is to write a poem about a decade. I never quite succumbed to the neon checkerboard or the twice-teased hair The music was as far as I could go Even then, I travelled just off the beaten bath towards Japan and the bush of ghosts with [...]