National Poetry Writing Month, Day #7

Today’s prompt is to write a tritina. A tritina consists of three three-line stanzas plus a concluding line: each stanza contains three ‘end words’, appearing in the order ABC—CAB—BCA; all three words appear in the concluding line. My poem examines the consequences of having a brownie, a 13.7-oz Vanilla Frappuccino®, and a regular coffee first thing in the morning…

Not sure why I’m shaky this morning
maybe a bit too much caffeine?
Over-analysis is probably not a good idea

I mean, it’s good to have some idea
rather than having to worry all morning
when the culprit is clearly caffeine

or sugar—having a brownie first thing this morning
was definitely not a great breakfast idea
especially chased with a beverage loaded with sugar and caffeine

Yup—too much sugar and caffeine first thing in the morning is a bad idea

(7 April 2016)