National Poetry Writing Month, Day #6

I got a ‘featured participant’ mention on today for the poem I wrote yesterday. Today’s prompt is to write a food poem. Now this one was a struggle. This is my fifth attempt. My previous attempt may have been better, but the closest it got to mentioning food was the word dinner. Anyway, here is my entry for today:

Early evening
I’ve already had dinner
so I’m not hungry

But I have a routine
so I order a beer
and a brownie

I don’t want to be loopy
when it’s my turn to read
so I add a 16-oz. latte

Then the ginger-molasses cookie
catches my eye
My order hasn’t been rung up yet
so I add it to the pile
(with the brownie placed on top)

I’m looking at all this stuff
and realizing I have zero appetite right now
because I’m still full from dinner

(the carbonation from the beer isn’t helping)

But that cookie looks inviting
the brownie is a bit hard around the edges
but that cookie…

I may have to break open the cookie
it will go so well with the latte
even though I’m still full from dinner
and the carbonation of the beer isn’t helping

Yes, I do believe it’s cookie time…

(6 April 2016)


2 thoughts on “National Poetry Writing Month, Day #6

  1. This happens to me all the time, I believe it is called “hungry eyes” (in literal translation from my native language).

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