Urban pillow fort (a poem)

The January 6th prompt in The Daily Poet by Kelli Russell Agodon and Martha Silano, is to ‘[w]rite a poem that begins with the image of a stone, then add at least five of these words to it: kamikaze, landslide, spill, bridge, vaccine, read, red, hollow, mismatch, tilt, freeway, pillow, harmonica, fairy shrimp.’ (I skipped the ‘extra credit’ part, which involved ending with ‘a soup image’.)

Have you ever wanted to crawl under a rock?
They don’t usually have stones that large in the city
except for maybe that ‘sculpture’ by the freeway
a bunch of mismatched red rocks
that look as though they just spilled down in a landslide
after particularly heavy rains

I’d like to fill the hollow between them
with huge fluffy pillows
to make a giant fort
where I can read my books in peace
and fall asleep to the sounds of the harmonica music
coming from under the bridge

(6 January 2015)