Kunst ist schwer (a poem)

Watched the documentary Beuys last night. It was raining when I went to bed. The rain has stopped, for now My attempts at healing meet with resistance There are always things to do I don’t know if this is art maybe the photographs will show something They are still examining the record (30 September 2018) [...]

Rescued from the dumpster, that old turntable had no way of knowing what it was in for… (a poem)

Wrote this last night. Held back with rubber bands chopsticks and paper clips the backward scratches of polyvinyl silence found unlikely homes in anomalous spaces of impolite company and figures hunched heads bowed in concentration where the tidal wash of lead-in grooves filled oceans swam with backwards 4-tracks and chance-operated radio waves to soothe the [...]

Deepening blush (a poem)

This is what today feels like. Burgundy deep between ribbon shreds too thin to hold Bubbles form beneath the membrane to accommodate the abscess Popping solves nothing but feels so good that snap—snap—snap… I’ve seen the dates but imagine nothing of the sort a marked stretch of time left untravelled beyond the marker I feel something— [...]

Car parts (a poem)

Not one of my better efforts—but it was a lot worse 20 minutes ago. My car is falling apart from the inside out starting with the driver The windows have a will of their own if they’re not ready to roll up they’ll roll right down again The cheap little plastic bits covering the buttons [...]