Newish update 9/24/2018

Well, I did not write anything today. But, after I found myself intrigued by the artwork I did for the new piece of music I released over the weekend, I have another possible cover for Straining Against the Margins: At first, I toyed with the idea of simply adapting the existing design to book-cover proportions (and [...]

Automator (a poem)

Written while watching Luminescence by Aube on a DVD-R transfer from the original VHS. Clicking fluorescents the doom of a power surge Spiky resin make decibel pricks all around the room Layers of static and toner a spotlight aimed slightly off-center Magnets and electrons a row of red and black across the screen once interlaced, [...]

Past lives (a poem)

Just thinking… Traces are hard to find some trails disappear over time others were never marked with enough permanence to enable them to be found How much of eternity takes place in the space between living and dying? You have no idea of the things I’m wondering about But if you knew you’d tell me, [...]