Car parts (a poem)

Not one of my better efforts—but it was a lot worse 20 minutes ago.

My car is falling apart
from the inside out
starting with the driver

The windows have a will of their own
if they’re not ready to roll up
they’ll roll right down again

The cheap little plastic bits
covering the buttons that control them
have joined in—refusing to stay in place

The parking brake decided two years ago
it had had enough
so now it does nothing—
and the tip came off this morning

I know that screws fall out—
the world’s an imperfect place
blah blah blah

At least the outside
is hanging together

In fact, the layer of dirt on the roof
has been accumulating
for several years

at this rate
I won’t have to worry about
painting it green…

We don’t need to say too much
about the driver
I think we all know
he’s got problems

(27 September 2018)



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