It’s a book that you can pre-order

Links to Wishes sometimes have consequences are beginning to appear! To find an independent bookstore near you, here’s the IndieBound link: Powell's: Hardcover: Amazon: Hardcover: Paperback: Barnes & Noble has both versions discounted: Hardcover: Paperback: (30 March 2019)

Lunar complications (a poem)

Somehow, despite an unexpectedly hectic day, I found the wherewithal to turn a rather ordinary poem of lunar imagery into something…well, less ordinary, anyway. I look in her direction knowing she’ll be there She is always turned away as if showing that other side would obliterate her whole spiralling darkness beyond night I feel her [...]

Bookstore Poem #540

Went to Third Place for the first time in a week… Little disconnected thoughts every last one must be leading to something Interrupted threads and dangling interludes or flights of fancy might give the casual observer the impression I am deeply disturbed I am not I am moderately disturbed In other words: not enough for [...]