a photograph of a downtown freeway viewed on a dim screen in a dark room (a poem)

When nothing else comes to mind… turned away from that within the core,         uncoupled not dying but neglected struck,                        the rim of the bell swells at 432 Hz the fixed form of a temporary bleed radio subsumes among the static reflect,                        deflect sections and parallel paths, divided a light caught at inconvenient angles makes meaningless [...]

This is happening (a poem)

Some of the things I was noticing as I was writing… The curtain is off his visage is now on full display in all its dysentery-stained, diseased-fruit fascist malfeasance The tilt into hell is remembered with nostalgia and reverence of otherworldly things drawn without outlines She looks like she’s bending forward and backward at the [...]

Resort (a poem)

Sometimes you have to go with the music… In the middle of this isolation… I want to be smothered buried surrounded by the warm the damp the scent the sweat fulfilling the dream she once told me about The touch— smooth rough sliding pressing against my skin a familiar taste forever locked in here commanding [...]

Mapless (a poem)

I wonder about myself sometimes… Thirty percent to Lichtenstein and a fantasy I never allowed myself What will they call the place when I get there? (23 March 2019—posted March 24th) I have books available. Links to more information here.  Or, if you like, you can use PayPal to donate a buck (or whatever amount [...]

To flam or not to flam (a poem)

A poem about something really ordinary… Chuck it all? Start fresh? To build a new flame you need fuel and something flammable What’s here won’t light a damn thing Not for what they’re asking (22 March 2019—posted March 23rd) I have books available. Links to more information here.  Or, if you like, you can use [...]