It’s a book (the hardcover)

And we get closer…   I approved the eproof a few minutes ago, so my first hardcover edition is that much closer to being a reality. As with the paperback, the on-sale date is April 30th, but I have ordered four copies for myself in the meantime. I will post finer details a bit later. [...]

Eleven months (a poem)

Something I have been thinking about for a while. 1 Profuse apologies and profound regrets it was not so long ago that seeing sunlight again felt like an impossible ambition buried under strata so deep they may never have names Without change in my pocket an afternoon stop for coffee and maybe a piece of [...]

NE 185th St. (a poem)

Sun! Warm! Tanning bed soaks up sun on the sidewalk Car trunk bumper sticker tells me the answer to a question it does not specify and which I have not asked Preschool playground is empty school hasn’t let out for the day I should probably file my taxes get that out of the way but [...]