Loss of vision (A poem)

I am a bit overdue to get my eyes checked… The frames have no glass they sit empty in the case not yet able to see Clarity is a future event coordinates unknown The eyes look through outdated lenses sometimes the outlines blur and objects lose their shape Every vision becomes an abstract open to [...]

Nocturnal adventures (A poem)

A really weird, disturbing dream last night, resulting in this weird poem. (The title is tentative, until I can think of something better…) You should have never let the sleazy label guy in Of course he was going to walk out with the evidence to satisfy some prior contract— everything but the baggie full of [...]

Primary season, 2016 (A poem)

Another brief break from the epistles. These are not serious people We have             an ageing oompa loompa with bad hair             a doughy smirk of a man (and I use that term loosely)             a half-hearted mark of enthusiasm with his name on a gun             a hairstylist’s model             a wolf in puppy-dog [...]