Untitled ekphrastic (a poem)

Written after seeing a painting of baby shoes on a pink background. Unfortunately, I know neither the title nor the name of the artist…

The Scream mask happy face
its fur directions every which way
like eyebrow hair at pointy angles
or a disturbance in the force

Twins, for the sake of clarification
two happy faces, each slightly off
a double-threat in size 2’s
akin to chicken feet, post-chicken hawk

The diligent tracker
silent in the night
a ghost along the trail
just behind the perpetrators

Upon the circle of trees and stones
outside the red room
a spotlight, a hand
a reflection in a puddle

The room
heavy atmosphere
an occasional footstep

Venus in the hallway
absent arms
a last-minute substitution
in pink

The Scream mask happy face—
twins, for the sake of clarification

(21 May 2016)