National Poetry Writing Month, Day #26

Today’s prompt is to write a poem that incorporates a call and response. My poem is more an encounter between me and my inner critic…

When I woke up this morning
          What time did you get up?
my first thought was what I had to do
          What did you do?
I rolled over and tried to go back to sleep
          Don’t you have something to do?
but the moment had passed

I checked for word of an answer to my question
          Haven’t you asked enough questions already?
no reply had yet arrived
          What are you waiting for?
I poured myself that first cup of coffee
          You’re going to have to get started sometime
and thought about the day

Morning passed into afternoon
          You mean you haven’t started yet?
I finally sat down to write
          Don’t you have anything better to do?
before the opportunity passed
          What are you trying to avoid?
while I still had something to say

The argument is fresh in my mind
          This is all you came up with?
though not a single word was spoken
          What’s your excuse this time?
I suppose it’s a good thing I choose not to listen
          Why do you waste your time?
because my life is not a sacrifice for someone else’s wishes

(26 April 2016)