National Poetry Writing Month, Day #23

Today’s prompt is to write (ugh!) a sonnet. I know, I know—Shakespeare, blah blah blah…

So… is there still a chance left to be found
to let me know there’s yet another path?
A way to keep from going back to ground
a way for it to work without the math?

I haven’t seen what could have been a sign
to tell me what might tell me what to do
I’ll never know which one could have been mine
not even God could tell me it was you

So now I wonder every time I breathe
what might have been had I known what to say
somehow the words got stuck behind my teeth
because I never knew what I should say

I know it’s hard, but I wish you could see
I’m trying my best—won’t you believe me?

(22 April 2016—posted April 23rd)


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